Sort items in content window ArcGIS online

07-10-2017 07:06 AM
Status: Open
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Please bring back the ability to sort the items in the content window by item type.

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I think sort by sharing is also missing, I like to see everything that's not shared together to help me clean up my items.

Update: I hadn't noticed filter by sharing on the bottom left side of my Content page, however I would prefer to see all items still, so a sort by sharing, instead of a filter by sharing would be nice.


I would also like my sorting choice to be saved. The content page defaults to date modified every time I leave the page and come back.


Yeah, 2020 and still don't see this fairly standard sorting option for data. Only option at the moment is to apply a filter. I am surprised at how few votes this idea has though. Its such a quick and handy way to view the data.