Sort by Attribute in a Pop-Up

05-14-2019 12:08 PM
Status: Open
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I have some historical water quality information in our enterprise database which we are displaying in a web map, the data shares the same point in the same feature and each have a date component.  when enabled, the Pop-up on that features are in random order thus displaying the data in no useful order forcing the user to click the arrow to advance through in some cases hundreds of pop-ups to try to find the most recent date.

Is there a way to have this be ordered in ascending or descending order based on a date field both in the Portal environment and in AGOL, and if not currently available when can we expect this to be incorporated into a new version?



Federated ArcGIS enterprise environment running 10.6.1, ESRI ELA customer

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Have you thought about creating a relationship class for this data where you have the geometry in a point feature class and a related table would store the historic water quality results?  The results can then be accessed from 1 pop-up.  There is a bug with the order of the results in the pop-up for related records, but I think it should be easier to use then your current setup.  I am hopeful that ESRI will fix this bug at some point to make an app such as this even better.  Some background information on this bug can be found in the below thread: