Sort Bookmarks in my ArcGIS Online Map

11-01-2013 02:47 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to sort the bookmarks. They currently store with the newest bookmark at the bottom. I would like to be able sort them and keep them in the new sorted order.

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I agree. I might want to list bookmarks alphabetically, or by increasing map scale, or something else. I can't plan ahead of time what all my bookmarks are going to be to make this come out right. A Move Up/Move Down command or drag up/drag down functionality would be very nice. I've actually found myself in the position of deleting and recreating bookmarks just to get them sorted in the order I want. 
I think the ideal situation would be to be able to drag a bookmark above another just like you can with layers in your table of contents in ArcMap.
A list of bookmarks that can be sorted ascending & descending or reordered would be great. We have several AGOL maps with a long list of bookmarks that we created and listed alphabetically. If you forget one or need to add one later, it can be cumbersome to redo the list to get them in the preferred order.
Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online does this now. Drag, Drop, Reoder, Copy, etc.

The Basic (Free) version will do this.


It is possible to drag and drop bookmarks in a specific order:

When sorting bookmarks, are you looking for functionality to sort by the alphabet?