Solid multipatches

05-27-2020 12:03 AM
Status: Open
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Especially for the purpose for underground visualization for complex geology, we would like to see solid multipatches instead of hollow boxes when we use any kind of slice tool in both ArcGIS Desktop and Online.

The hollow multipatches don't give the prober graphical outcome that we would like.



This would also enable the profile tool to give much nicer results, when visualising geology.


I also have this question, actually it's somehow like the slice multipatch feature tool with Solid option that automatically generates missing faces while slicing.


While not explicitly a solid multipatch, to meet this requirement (underground visualization for complex geology) ArcGIS Pro 2.6 (scheduled for release in July) will introduce voxel layers.  

This will allow for the type of visualization requested.  The next phase of development will be to share these across the ArcGIS platform to work in web scenes.


While this looks very interesting and I look forward to testing it in July, I would fear that a voxel solution would be unecessarily heavy for a webviewer, instead of just filing the simple multipatch with a solid colour.

With these web visualisations of geology, the models are already getting a bit heavy for the browser.


The Voxel Layers are a warm welcome and do indeed provide a feasable way of sharing geological subsurface models. Unfortunately though, analyze tools with the slice option does not work for the voxel model. Only the dem, overlays, features etc. are sliced. This is of course a bit disappointing as the whole purpose of showing the model is for the users to slice the model according to the area of interest combined with various GIS data like boreholes and seismic cross sections.

From what we can see in the What's New in Scene Viewer (March 2022), the Analyze tools in Scene Viewer are not available with voxel layers. Will this be a feature in the future?