Show users Last Logon information in Portal for ArcGIS

06-14-2019 11:22 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Currently Last Login information is accessible via<username>  We would like to have the option as a security setting, to show to the user when their previous login time/date was following a new login.

by Anonymous User

Hi Joseph, are you looking for the user themselves to be able to see the date/time of their last login or for an administrator to see a history of logins for that user? 


It would be very useful for portal administrators to see both the date, and the time, when a user last logged into the Portal.  Currently, only the date of last login is displayed.  When troubleshooting an issue with a particular user, it is helpful to know the time when a particular user successfully logged into the portal.


I don't know the original intent of this idea, but the user needs to be able to see their last login date/time as well.  See this STIG:

The application must display the time and date of the users last successful logon. 


With ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8, the Portal for ArcGIS application now does not show the date of the users last successful logon.  One has to now write and use a python script as a workaround.  See #BUG-000129529 Portal home application does not update the last login time for all portal users..


Thanks for posting about the bug... this is what i am seeing on my end too.  I re-indexed in full mode and users status were updated to last login but will not update after this point in time...  So it is capturing, just not displaying correctly... again, this is what i'm seeing on my end...