Show Pop-ups in Attribute order rather than Alphabetical by Default

02-18-2021 03:51 PM
Status: Open
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Hi All,

Hopefully this isn't something I've just missed!

It seems the default view for pop-ups is alphabetical rather than attribute order. To me it makes more sense to have the default order as attribute order - I'm sure most people creating features apply a logical approach to table design - and having to completely reorganise the pop-up is frustrating. Can the default order be changed to attribute order? Thanks,



I agree.  I'd also prefer that the order of the attributes stays the same for the pop up in beta viewer. Sometimes my data has a large number of fields that were arranged in a logical order (e.g. demographic data) and it isn't practical to spend a large amount of time putting them back in the logical order. This was never an issue in the older map viewer, which left the order alone by default. If there are people who prefer alphabetical order, maybe Esri could give us an option to sort alphabetically.  But I agree that the default for the pop up should be the original order of the attribute table.



Now that the new Map Viewer is out of Beta, this still appears to be an issue. Logical ordering of attribute fields is surely a common requirement. Is this on Esri's radar?


It sure is disappointing that Esri still hasn't addressed or even acknowledged this issue over a year after Jamie brought it up.  Esri keeps making it sound like we should start using the new Map Viewer because it can do everything the old Map Viewer can, but the new Map Viewer's default of re-sorting the fields to alphabetical order creates a major disruption in our work flow that was never there before.  It's like Esri assumes we have just a few fields and manual resorting won't be a big hassle, but that just isn't the case.  No matter how much I try to talk customers into reducing the number of fields, ultimately my customers or managers will often choose to keep a large amount of fields. It's frustrating when Esri makes these "improvements" in the new Map Viewer (or other products) that really none of us were asking for. 


I agree. I have a complex dataset with 50 fields. I don't have time to reorder the fields in the pop-up to reflect the order in the attribute table.  


Hear Hear


Agreed!  I am approaching 50 fields as well, the re-ordering is cumbersome.  Please fix this, Esri.


A work around that I am using is opening the maps in the classic viewer, and disabling then enabling the popups. This ordered them in the intended order, though my products do not necessarily require I build in the new viewer, so I am not sure it will apply to every situation.


still struggling with this  on 3/20/2023


The fact that the solution continues to be to use map viewer classic to configure the popup and then swap to the new map viewer is so dumb.

ESRI you have the working code that parses the field order and formatting in the classic map viewer, Please allocate a fraction of your billions of dollars to get that migrated to the supposedly new and better map viewer.


Why bother having schema at all? 

This needs to be fixed.