Share Widget Include Active Layers

07-08-2016 09:37 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

It would be so useful if the share widget gave the user the option to share the map with the active layers automatically turned on when a person opens the link.

We had this option on our open source mapping app before switching over to AGOL, and it was a great feature for users to easily share the exact maps they were looking at.


The Share Widget in Web AppBuilder needs the option of creating a link with the current visible layers, possibly as a URL parameter. The Story Map Journal app currently has the code to specify which layers to have active from the web map - WAB needs this too!


...Web AppBuilder currently has an App State check box on the attributes tab that saves the layer visibility; can this type of functionality be added to the Share Widget?


Allowing the ability to remember the base map chosen would be helpful too.  We here at the USGS use it all the time. A colleague said this functionality was there prior to the June 2018 release of ArcGIS , and wasn't restored with the September 2018 release.