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Share as Publish a Service with Multiple Feature Classes

02-14-2014 04:23 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
I have a MXD with multiple Feature Classes.  When I Share as Service all feature class layers are created in AGOL in a single Type Features.  Some of the Layers in the Feature Service I want users to be able to Edit existing only and other layers I want them to be able to create features.  There is no way to configure this in AGOL.

So I need to create seperate MXD's to load feature classes I want users to be able to create and another MXD containing feature classes I want users to edit only.

A suggested easy solution would be to enhance the Share as Service to publish only feature classes that are checked on in the Table of Contents.  Another solution would be in AGOL to move the  "Enable editing and allow editors to:" function as something you can configure layer by layer.
Editing Editors can add, update, and delete features.
Enable editing and allow editors to:
Add, update, and delete features
Update feature attributes only
Add features only
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Have a look at Hosted Feature Services. This should allow you to set the edit permissions more granularly.