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Share Arcade expressions within AGO org

04-18-2018 03:26 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

It would be useful to be able to share Arcade expressions across our organization.  Users can access their existing arcade expressions within a web map.  It would be great if they would be able to access arcade expressions created by other users within the org.

Please add functionality to AGO to enable users to easily load arcade expressions created by other users.


Even if it's just shared with other layers in the web map, this would be extremely useful.


On a similar note, it would be helpful to separate Arcade expressions from a map (i.e. have the expression be stored as an item in AGO, or something similar to this).  This would be useful as it would allow you to implement a single expression in multiple layers in a map, in multiple maps, or as the OP suggested have others in the org be able to access and use arcade expressions independently.

For example, I have a few expressions i use quite regularly in multiple layers in multiple maps.  It would be helpful if I could do a function call to a single, central arcade expression from any map, layer, etc.


I think this solution is the most elegant - I have a specific expression that returns driving directions to a feature layer point, and I use it across many different feature layers in my org. Constantly having to create new expressions and copy and paste the code in from my desktop is tedious. A repository of your expressions that you could access (and share org-wide or with groups) would be incredibly useful and time-saving.


I have found that for feature layers that share the same group of expressions you can copy and paste the json containing all the expressions from one layer to another using ArcGIS Online Assistant, but I would prefer not having to do this as the potential to mess up a layer exists when using this method.