Shape Lengths in feet

12-13-2019 05:51 AM
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ArcGIS Online is a global mapping service but does not offer dynamically updated shape lengths of lines. For this project we have sewer lines between manholes and when I publish the map from ArcMap to ArcGIS Online the units (even if I have changed the WGS1984 coordinate system to show units in feet in ArcMap) will show in meters on ArcGIS Online. You can create a new field and input a formula to convert but this field does not update real time and has to be done manually. If this is truly a global service then the user should have the ability to use units other than meters.


I haven't tested from ArcMap, but when I publish from ArcGIS Pro, here is what I see.

1. My layer is in state plane California III FIPS 0403.  I have a line that is about 2 million feet long.

When my Map was in a projection of meters and I shared the layer to ArcGIS Online, the resulting hosted feature service was in meters (i.e. it took the map's projection when publishing).  The shape_length was correctly converted to meters, and when I digitized a new line, it was in meters.

2. So... I changed the Map's projection in ArcGIS Pro to match the layer's.

I publish the layer to ArcGIS Online, and I see that it is in feet

And digitizing new features adds them in feet to the attribute table

(just for illustration purposes, I got as close as I could with the measure tool...)


I know this is an old thread, but this incorrect units for shape length is something that has frustrated me for years now. I currently have a map that is set up in NAD83 us ft. for my state. It WILL NOT let me publish, as the base map does not match the coordinate system of my map (WGS 84 base map). It won't let me publish without a basemap, and I can't seem to change the coordinate system of the base map. What do I do here?