Set visibility range for selection and popups

05-22-2020 06:19 AM
Status: Open
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Make it possible to apply visibility range controls to selections and popups.

We have visibility range controls in place to prevent the public viewing data at a high resolution (i.e. to obscure the exact location of a point or feature). If a feature is selectable, e.g. in a dashboard or webmap with popups, the selection remains beyond the set visibility range and the user can zoom to the exact point. This appears to be an oversight. The only workaround so far has been to disable popups and make features non-selectable, which is far from ideal as it limits the information that can be conveyed to users.


Figure 1 - Feature (right hand side) selected within set visibility range (popups are enabled for demonstration purposes)

Feature selected within visibility range parameters, showing popup

Figure 2 - Zooming beyond the visibility range removes the feature, but the selection (blue square) and popup remain.

Feature selected beyond visibility range parameters, showing popup

Figure 3 - zoomed in to pinpoint accuracy, with selection still showing.

Feature selected beyond visibility range parameters, showing popup


Has this issue been resolved?

@DataOfficer have you tried creating a hosted feature layer view of the data you are trying to restrict, instead of setting the visible range in the map viewer?



No I'm afraid it has not yet been resolved. I had to resort to removing popups from the map to avoid this issue for the time being.

Thank you for the suggestion @Anneka_France. The layer is already a hosted view of another dataset. Do you mean testing whether setting the visibility range in the hosted view Visualization settings prevents the issue from happening? (in contrast to setting it in the webmap). 


@DataOfficer yes that's exactly what I meant. Does the issue with pop-ups still persist? 

I also have a point layer that I need to restrict the exact locations of. We don't want people to be able to view the precise locations of the assets when zoomed in, and the landowners have only agreed to share the data on this condition. I had hoped that restricting visible scales would be sufficient. It would be a real shame if I couldn't enable pop-ups as makes the data a bit pointless to the end user (pardon the pun!)