Set View Definition for Related Table in hosted View

08-18-2020 07:33 AM
Status: Open
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For hosted View Layers it is possible to set a View Definition, to define what fields or features are available in the view. I would like to be able to set the View Definition for a Related Table in a hosted View Layer as well.


To control what data users see, the owner of a hosted feature layer view, or an administrator, can define what fields or features are available in the view. You can also limit the hosted feature layer view to a specific area by defining a spatial extent. These definitions are saved with the hosted feature layer view and allow you more control over what content people see.

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Hi Andreas,

From the View's Item Page, if you choose to 'Open in Map Viewer' (rather than clicking on the Visualization tab) you will find that the related table layers will now have the option to set a View Definition. I dont know why you can't from the visualization tab.

Alternatively you can use the 'update service definition' method of the REST API (if comfortable) to apply a view definition to the related tables:

{"viewDefinitionQuery" : "your query here"}