Set Identify Click Tolerance for features

05-28-2010 07:13 PM
Status: Open
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Ability to set identify click tolerance from Manager. I work with cops and they have chubby fingers.

This is a huge issue for many other GIS developers I've talked to. Even those with tiny fingers can't accurately bring up info on point features. 
Judging from the various inquiry posts, this enhancement request seems essential to many, as it's for me. The initial post is 6 years ago (May 28, 2010). Does Esri development team has any plans/ ETA to address the issue?
In ArcGIS Online I often use icons that are larger that the click tolerance. Users must then click exactly in the center of the icon. If I use an asymmetrical icon, it is sometimes difficult to determine the center of an icon. I would like to customize the click tolerance to the size of the icon.

Can Esri not offer some sort of work around in the mean time? 


This functionality is a must if people are using mobile.  I strong suggest that ESRI allow for specifying a click tolerance for a popup.  It is not user friendly to keep taping on a point until the popup with info appears.  I had to use the identify parameters option in our regular JavaScript apps, but for the WAB, this should strongly be considered.

What is a feasible work around right now?


We are also in this situation now where we need to be able to increase this tolerance for our apps that we have built using the online version of WAB. I still do not see any ability to configure this and this would really help with the user experience for our field staff users using tablets.

Could ESRI review this and at least respond with some type of status update?

by Anonymous User

It would be nice to be able to set the option all the way down to just one feature.  (1).  for online web map popups and WAB pop ups.   So there is not a 1 of XXX features.  I do this via a workaround for some layers by setting max record count to 1 but that means it can't be useful for many other tools. This would very useful to set the tolerance, and also be able to set it to only identify on one single feature for popups.


This feature would also be very helpful for situations where a point is very close to the boundary of 2 polygons. We currently have an application that non-GIS users use to tell customers if they're in a certain area or not. They get confused when clicking on the point because it will actually show both of the polygons as a result. Of course as GIS users, we can zoom in and see fairly clearly where the point is but this is not always intuitive for those that don't use GIS frequently.