Set coordinate system when creating New Feature layer in ArcGIS Online

01-08-2020 03:24 AM
Status: Open
Esri Regular Contributor

Dear all,

please could you consider add a function to set coordinate system, when creating new/empty feature layer in ArcGIS Online from template?

This option is added to workflow when you are creating the feature layer from, but it´s missing in ArcGIS Online.

Some basic users, who using just AGOL missing so much this functionality, because they are missing the option to create a new feature layer in native (and mandatory) coordinate system - like S-JTKS (5514).

Now they use Desktop or non-Esri thick client to create FGDB or SHP in JTSK which then upload to ArcGIS Online. Usage the Developers page is for some user misleading (why we should use another page - we want just to use ArcGIS Online).

So, for user experience it would be great to add this capability also to ArcGIS Online itself and increase the value of the usage of the ArcGIS Online itself for some easier tasks, where the thick client is so complex to use.

For example (use case) - I would like to gather with Collector damaged trash cans. I must do this in JTSK. So the desired workflow is to create a new empty hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online IN JTKS, then add the new layer to map, collect data in Collector and then visualize them in map. Everything in one box in ArcGIS Online. 

Thank you.


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