Set a default 'details' tab for ArcGIS Online web map

05-13-2014 12:26 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
As the owner or administrator of a web map, I have a preference on what the public or viewer of my web map should see. As far as the 'details' tab on the left side (about, content, legend) I would like to have the ability to designate what will be the default view for the viewer. Often times the public is unable or unwilling to figure out there are different tabs to cycle through.


Perhaps I want them to read the important details in the about tab. Maybe I want them to see what the different colors mean in the legend. What if it is critical they notice there are other layers to turn on/off in the contents tab. Maybe I don't want the tab there at all?!?! As the web map creator I would prefer to have the ability to determine the default details tab displayed.

This would be a great addition to ArcGIS Online functionality. If you like the idea vote it on up and hopefully we'll see it in a future update. Thanks!
Just FYI, a lot of what you're asking for can be solved by sharing the map as a web-application using one of the many web application templates.  Many of those templates are customizable and you can turn on or off the all or parts of the side pannel, as well as having a bit more control over some of the other functions as well (ex: do you want bookmarks on or off, sharing button on or off, should they be able to change basemaps or not, etc...).  Not a 100% solution, but solves at least a fair part of what you're asking for.
jstreep thanks for the tip, that's good advice. In our situation, the public has become accustomed to using the standard web map interface. They've been exposed to it for a while, and as an agency we think it makes sense for them to see the same thing as opposed to seeing different apps, viewers, etc. and getting confused (easy to do unfortunately). While the apps are great and we see a lot of potential, including using them in special circumstances or to really customize them for a unique role/need, we'd like to use the standard web map for most or all of our functions.