Self-managment of Content - change ownership

01-24-2019 11:37 AM
Status: Open
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  • Provide a privilege or function that
    • allows members to transfer ownership of their own items to another org member
    • including allowing them to create a folder in the other member’s content page,
    • Includes an “undo” option
  • Currently this is only available as an admin privilege that also requires the admin privileges “view all members” and “view all content”.  This is not desirable, because there may be content that we do not wish to share with members; however, we do want them to be able to manage ownership of their own content.
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by Anonymous User

Great idea.  It is cumbersome to create a tool for hand-off to another user only to have to bother an administrator to click, click, click and transfer ownership of the item when an administrator doesn't need to be involved at all.

Not asking to be able to assume ownership of another users Item, just transfer owned items to another user.