Select Table Rows by Clicking on Map Areas in an ArcGIS Online Map

02-07-2013 02:57 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
In an ArcGIS Online Map, with the 'Open Table' function activatied, allow selection of multiple table rows by clicking on multiple map areas or points. Then allow exporting of the selected rows and columns.
This would enable an essential community assessment function we refer to as the 'community specific profile function.'  I.e, a layer on a thematic map typically shows ONE indicator for ALL geographies, but community assessment data users need ALL indicators for ONE set of geographies when preparing a proposal, or health impact assessment.
I think it is an excellent suggestion and improvement.  A lasso tool when wrapped around the geography of interest should enable an attribute table to pop up showing not only the raw data contained but also the aggregation desired.  This inforamtion then should be downloadable in an Excel format.

Srini Vasan, PhD
University of New Mexico
Geospatial & Population Studies
Albuquerque NM
Something that allows for selecting multiple features on the map and and 'export selection' function would be a good start.