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01-21-2019 06:03 PM
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This idea has gotten attention in other threads (Expand search for multiple features in ArcGIS Online ), but since it has not been implemented Kelly Gerrow, would like to create it as a new idea. 

Would like to see the ability to search multiple fields for one layer in arcgis web map. I think it is rare for customers to all know the same attribute of a dataset. For example, when customers want to look up parcel data, some know a parcel ID, some know owner name, some know neighborhood... 

Would greatly enhance the capabilities of web maps. Thank you. 

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Thanks Kim,

Which apps do you usually use to perform searches? is it always using map viewer or do you create web apps using the configurable apps and web app builder? Who in your organization uses the feature search in map viewer and what is the workflow they are looking to accomplish with this task? It is currently possible to configure the search widget to do this which is where most users look up this information as outlined in this blog:

Search Widget Enhancements for Configurable Apps 

Thanks for logging this new idea. Understanding how you and your organization use map viewer for searching for multiple fields will be very helpful.




Hi Kelly,

I have recently commented on a few threads that addresses this problem. It begins in the online platform but carries through to the collector app. I see that you've commented several times on configuring the searches in the web app builder, but what we are looking for is the ability to search for multiple attributes in a single layer in the collector app. In order for this to happen it has to be configurable in the online platform > under the settings tab > Application Settings section > where it has a checkbox "Find Locations". When the checkbox is selected, it opens up another checkbox "By Layer". From here, you can select any of the layers you have saved to your map but it only allows you to select one attribute. This is where the functionality needs to be changed/updated to search by multiple attributes. 

There are a few other threads that have asked for this but it keeps getting buried by this idea to use the web app builder as the solution.

For example: Searching single layer by multiple attributes (Collector)Expand search for multiple features in ArcGIS OnlineMultiple attribute search in CollectorArcGIS Online - Search on Multiple fields

If there is a way that we have the ability to configure this setting for the Collector app on our own - I am unaware and apologize for persistently pushing the idea on other threads including this one. And if there is a solution already in place please let me know! Thanks!


I have the same issue, has always been an issue. I just checked back today to see if the option was now available to search multiple fields within a layer, but it was not. I do have searches set up exactly how I want them in web appbuilder, but unfortunately this does not help me at all in Collector. I also agree that this would greatly enhance the use of the search tool in web maps. I get complaints regularly within our organization of this limitation, and I have to try to explain the limitation to non-technical field users of why they can't search in collector the way that they can in apps that were created in WAB. ESRI please add this capability!!


Hi Joe,

Thanks for the comments on the idea page, make sure you vote the idea up so

it gets more visibility. ESRI doesn't seem to really do anything unless

these ideas get a high number of votes