Search for Symbols by Tag in Web Map Viewer

09-06-2019 07:50 AM
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Problem: When you want to find a symbol in the ArcGIS Web Map Viewer, you need to know which symbol set to choose and then scroll to the symbol you need. This is highly inefficient and almost unusable when trying to create standard practice. 

Here are the steps I need to share to help someone... 

1) Change Style

2) Choose an attribute to show

3) Types (Unique Symbols)


5) Click on the type you want to change the symbol for

6) Choose "Public Safety" from the drop-down

7) Scroll down.... uh... about 4 mouse wheels,

8) See the red shelter icon, choose that one for closed.

9) Repeat steps 5 - 8 several times

If you really want to see how painful this is... search for the campground or trailhead symbol in the National Park Service "pack". 

Solution: In the web map viewer (or I guess whatever the rebuild will be) please just make symbols "Searchable" by tags at Step 6. 

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Also - this Idea is also really important. Custom symbol galleries for ArcGIS Online 

We want to be able to load standard public safety symbols into our ArcGIS Online account!!! 

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This would really streamline our workflow.  I wouldnt have to search through all the different categories for the symbol i want.


This should have been there from the beginning. Very cumbersome to scroll through tons of small difficult to see and differentiate symbols.