Schedule Disabling/Enabling Users

02-24-2021 08:09 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I would like to be able to schedule disabling of users in my organization ahead of time.  If I know a user is leaving the company in two weeks, I would like to be able to schedule his account to be disabled the day after their last day.  Along the same lines, if a user leaves the company temporarily but there is a return date scheduled, I would like to be able to schedule their account to be enabled on their first day back in the office.


If you set up your log in credentials to work off of your companies intranet log in and you can disable them in the company log in, they should not be able to log into the Online site



I second this for Higher Education institutions. While we have SAML enabled for our campus affiliates, our license also covers students enrolled in Extension courses. For these Extension students, we must create AGO accounts for them. It would be great when I create them to assign at the time of creation a disable date. Or if not at creation, then allow me to go in an schedule them ahead of time to disable at a certain date. 


This could be even more important now with the implementation of partnered collaborations in the latest update of ArcGIS Online.  We would not want users that leave the company to continue to have access to our client's partnered organizations as well.