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01-27-2022 10:42 AM
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Love the hover pop-up option available in many of the web app templates, and this is a great functionality option when embedding maps/apps. However when a high density of features exists in the map (such as census tracts), the hover pop-up is extremely busy at small, initial map scales.

The slightest move of the mouse pops open a new pop-up, and then another, and another, all while the pop-up covers a large percentage of the map. This makes it hard to get a grasp on what you are even trying to look at or compare.


A great way around this would be to enable hover pop-ups at a designated scale, depending on what works best for the map.

Docking the pop-up in a corner is a nice alternative, but scale dependency for the floating pop-up would be a useful option, especially if hover pop-ups are brought to the Map Viewer in the future.

While we are here it would also be nice if the hover pop-up would "stick" if clicked until a secondary click anywhere else removed the selection -- rather than hover or nothing!



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Also finding the docked hover pop-ups do not resize images to an appropriate size --

Standard/non hover pop-up:


Docked hover pop-up:



Floating hover pop-up: