Save username and password of a secured WMS in my ArcGIS Online

01-04-2016 03:00 AM
Status: Open
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Since the last release of ArcGIS Online a secured WMS can be integrated.
I want to save the username and password of a secured WMS in my ArcGIS Online so that users of a WebMap or WebApp not be queried.The WebMap or WebApp must then of course be secured within ArcGIS Online by me.
Please allow to integrate a secured wms with the username and password.


This would be of value for a number of organisations in Australia that would like to consume secure feeds from state and federal agencies (typically secure WMS with basic auth)

I originally thought this limitation might be by design, as you potentially could take someones secure WMS (secure for a reason) and then embed the credentials into the item, and share to public.  This could be seen as a potential security risk.

However, I noticed that the platform allows you to save the credentials of a standalone ArcGIS Server map service into an item - therefore the same capability could also be matched for secure OGC services?


As a user trying to access a secure Australian gov agency OGC WMS to include in a simple web map for use within our organisation I couldn't agree more.

I was quite surprised to find this functionality isn't available, it seems to be a pretty standard piece of kit to be missing.

As you point out not missing for a ArcGIS Server web service so what's the difference?

The option of providing the secure service username/password to all individual map viewers is very undesirable.


Was expecting "OGC services" to be same as adding and "ArcGIS Server web service" where you could store the username and password too so this was a little surprising.

Would be great if it could be added


Hi Simon Jackson, did you ever find a solution to this? Testing out if something like this works: 


as per Accessing secure Geoserver layer with username password - Geographic Information Systems Stack Excha... 

but i'm not holding my breath. Or thinking there may be an approach to proxying this as an alternative (and whether this meets the ToS of the service owner).


@Zoltan The proxy approach is how most orgs roll with connecting to the BOM GIS2Web secure services.  Let me know if you need help with your proxy.


This would be very usefull, preferably stored in the item, not just the web map. And also for WFS please!

If possible, this would allow me to share secure OGC services in the "normal" ArcGIS Online way using named user accounts.