Save symbology or allow use of layer files on AGOL

09-01-2016 11:59 PM
Status: Open
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It would be really useful if you could save a layer's symbology on AGOL or at least apply a layer file that you have created in ArcMap.  Often I have a single dataset that contains multiple attributes, which I want to display differently.  I realise I can copy the layer within a map and then symbolise it differently, but it would be really handy if I could save the symbology (and pop-ups and labels..?) as a layer file, so they could be easily applied to other maps.  By saving as a layer file as opposed to creating a whole new dataset, it would help reduce file storage considerably.


I want to have the same feature. I'd like to be able to save a layer in ArcGIS Portal/Online, with all the configuration that has been set up for this layer. (Pop-up, symbology,...). and then let others re-use what I've done on this layer in other webmaps.

Great idea.

by Anonymous User

Yes yes yes.  Be able to copy and paste a layer from one webmap to another with its complete symbology, filters, labels, popups, and so forth. So vital. Between this and grouping layers these are key to Esri getting more people using hosted layers and AGOL and in the end selling credits. Allowing us to download it to a file would be good, just in case the web map gets fried, or someone deletes or alters it by accident, or we want to re-use the layer in a second map.

In fact let me take this a step further. I'd like to be able to "download' a webmap. No reason why that couldn't happen. So literally we could hit a button,  "Create a Webmap (From File)", and just load a complete webmap from a previously saved webmap config file. Kory Kramer‌ thoughts?

I know you could probably clone most of the json down from AGOL Assistant... but I have a feeling it wouldn't 'work' as expected; this should be an official feature. 

by Anonymous User

By letting us save a webmap to a local file that would even let us edit the json locally in an IDE. Like AGOL Assistant but without fear of torching something that is live. We should be able to download the file, edit, post it back to a second staging app/webmap to test, then push the file to the production webmap when ready.  


Similarly I would love if I could save the symbology/pop-up settings/etc (for use across multiple web maps without having to reconfigure for each web map) of an authoritative layer in ArcGIS Online to My Content without the item's owner name showing as me -- in many cases I would rather the owner name show as the original data provider/owner.


This functionality would save me and my team HUGE amounts of time and effort. If the file or process could apply to all aspects of a web map once complete such as filters, attribute aliases etc. as well this would be even better. The same functionality and web map option would also apply to Enterprise Portal.