Save/Copy Layer or Webmap Configuration in ArcGIS Online

12-09-2013 08:44 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I often upload empty layers into AGOL for use in JS web applications for data collection.  Everytime I upload the layer I am required to configure the layer in the AGOL Web Map Viewer and save a Web Map.  There should be an easy way to configure a layer in a web map and simply change the feature service it is pointing to.

This is very similar to the ability to change the data source of a layer in ArcGIS Desktop.

Similarly, it would be very helpful to be able to do the same thing with a web map configuration.

Great idea. This is essential to make arcgis online a viable platform. I spend way to much time manually configuring layers in webmaps. Should be a way to apply an existing configuration. For example, moving from test to production. Same exact map but services are on different servers so you must manually recreate the configuration, which seems like a complete waste of time.
Excellent Excellent - can't say enough about what a great idea this is. I also have to enable and configure the pop up for layers that are used multiple JS web application. If I've done it once I should be able to save or copy it rather than recreate it over and over again. If i mistype an alias or miss a check box it's terrible.
You can do this in the free version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online

1.) Use the "Copy Items" tool to copy out the configured webmap you're using over and over.
2.) Then Use the "Update Webmaps Services URLS" to the new service.

Hope this helps.