Save Attributes Derived from Arcade Expression with Feature Layer

02-27-2019 12:58 PM
Status: Open
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I've seen a couple of questions similar to this, but didn't catch any ideas when searching.

I can setup an attribute field on the fly to read an Arcade expression, and in Web AppBuilder can even export the attribute table containing the Arcade-derived values as .csv (NICE!). But might also be nice to have the option to save that info to the layer itself. A "Save Expression Results as Attribute" action or similar that converts the expression results to a new static attribute. Anyone else have use for this?


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Hi Paul, you mention having success exporting an attribute table containing values derived via Arcade. I haven't had any success with this, but this would be of huge benefit for us as we are calculating several fields on the fly and displaying them in the pop up. Can you please let me know how you are doing this, and with which widget? Thank you!