Save a link to an ArcGIS Server in

12-30-2010 11:37 AM
Status: Open
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Give users an option to save the URL to an ArcGIS Server in

When a user searches for layers to add to their map from an ArcGIS Server, give them the option to access a list of favorite ArcGIS Server URL's. This would allow users to quickly add content from their ArcGIS Server or a colleague's ArcGIS Server.

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A workaround for this may be to create a new group within, and publish your map services to this group.  Once you have a group in place, users can browse the group's contents from within ArcGIS Desktop 10's ArcGIS Online interface.  A big advantage of this approach is that users can easily review the metadata for the map services as opposed to directly to an ArcGIS Server through ArcMap's "add data" tool and adding services based on their titles alone.