Reusable Pop-Up Configurations

03-29-2019 12:05 PM
Status: Open
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Many services and web maps contain common layers, usually the most important, and often most complex layers. Currently, each web map must have the Pop-Up configuration process repeated for every layer, no matter how many other maps have used that same layer. In addition, if a service is updated with even one layer added or subtracted, all such configuration must be repeated, and you hope that you remember all the configuration changes that need to be made. For example, every map that has our parcel layer requires a 15 minute pop-up configuration done. Every modification, or new map requires repeating the process.

It would save hours of work, and avoid errors, if the pop-up configuration for a given layer could be saved somewhere and re-loaded into a new or modified web map.

This would apply to both Portal and ArcGIS Online Web Maps.


This would be a great enhancement, unless of course there is already a way to do this that can be documented somewhere by ESRI.


I contacted ESRI Tech Support this morning to see if there was a way to do this, and the answer was “NO”, and the suggestion to submit this “idea”.

I asked further if it could be done by cutting and pasting JSON code from a map with the pop-up configured as desired into a map without the pop-up configuration. I suspect that a skilled programmer could pull that off successfully, but that someone with my limited skills would have a high probability of unintended consequences. My sense, from observing corruption even within the interface, is that this code is a bit fragile, and would be easy to break.

So let’s vote this one up into the product, so I won’t have to keep rebuilding the same pop-ups over and over and over!

Tom Shindler

GIS & Permit System Coordinator <>



When I publish a HFS from ArcMap, I'm able to open that particular HFS and configure the symbology, visibility, as well as the pop-up.  Whenever this HFS is added to a new web map, it automatically adopts the default pop-up i configured.  I do still have the option to configure the pop-up within the new web map, and at that point it overrides the default one.


This is a mandatory enhancement and needs to be replicated for symbology, labeling, pop-ups, basically every individual component that can be configured on a Web Map layer... in both ArcGIS Online and Portal Web Maps.

Manually selecting every layer in a Web Map to configure one component at a time is a complete waste of time. Especially when it needs to be done after updating a referenced service. And as OP mentioned, this assumes you remember what settings you configured before it broke.

I understand that this can be accomplished using the JavaScript API, but many Organizations do not have the IT support (or security option) to deploy custom Apps to the Web Server.  


I would also like to see an option to batch enable pop-ups.  I have 70 layers on one of my Map Services.  It took a long time to enable and configure.  Also, when you click Ok and Save, it collapses all the layers.  Then you have manually go back and find the next layer to configure.  


This would be great as we are moving from a 3rd party app to Portal for all of our Organization. 

This would solve my current issue, but does anyone know if you can set the "Use 1000 Separator" to unckeced? It is defaulted on and this is an annoyance when you are viewing the final product and see comma's where they do not need to be.   We do not need them and going through every layer is extremely tedious. 


If you are using hosted feature layers on AGO, you can go to the item details page, click Visualization, and edit the pop-up there. This formatting will be preserved for all future maps that the layer is added to. 

If you're using Enterprise, you can format pop-ups in Pro before publishing as a service. 


I hope this helps.


This would be huge for my organization as well. We waste so much time doing these configuration rebuilds. We have huge backlog of schema changes we need to make and having to build in time to reconfigure pop-ups is one of the main reasons we are so behind. The Visualization tab would certainly be more helpful if there was a way to apply those changes to the layer in maps that already exist.