Remove the "no polygons found for this address/location" message

09-10-2019 06:27 AM
Status: Open
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When using the district lookup widget, if a user searches in there address which is not in a polygon, the error message "no polygons found for this address/location" appears. There is no functionality to be able to edit or remove the error message. This can be confusing for the users because not everybody would understand what this means.

I have tried using a bounding polygon outside of the location polygon; although this got rid of the original message, a new message now appears stating "could not find the point associated with the polygon".  I would rather not associate a point with this bounding polygon as this could cause more confusion for the users.

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Yes please! I'm constantly getting emails about this with our school finder. It confused me the first time I saw it, and I work with this stuff every day. Couldn't it just say "Outside of district boundaries" or something to that effect?