Register SDE Geodatabase with ArcGIS Online

07-17-2017 04:26 PM
Status: Open
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Since ArcGIS Pro is not going to have the capability to publish our services to the ArcGIS Server, it would be helpful for the ability to publish data directly to ArcGIS Online that has a SDE backend and is just looking to the SDE for the data rather than copying the data to the ArcGIS Online data store.

Our issue here is that we maintain our authoritative data our SDE geodatabase (like parcels from the Local Government Information Model) but do not want to have to republish the service when an item is created, updated, or deleted.

It would be helpful for the ability to connect our SDE data to ArcGIS Online as right now we don't have the main power to implement the full ArcGIS Enterprise with Portal and want to deploy WebGIS in a hybrid deployment pattern.

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If you looking that data has to show on the your private web portal or web application and custumize the data on map as per the data selection or reporting data ,then i will develop the java spring framework based web application for you.Please let me know.