Refresh domain changes to offline packages for hosted feature service

04-15-2020 08:51 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Currently, offline map areas must be re-created when a domain is changed on the hosted feature service at least according to the documentation which says the following:

"In some situations, you must re-create a map area. When you re-create a map area, all existing packages are deleted and new packages for all layers in the map are created. You must re-create a map area in the following cases:

  • Fields have been added to or removed from a layer in the map.
  • Domains or feature templates in the map have been modified."

This is a very punitive process for mobile GIS projects where some of the domain values may change relatively frequently, if it requires the user to delete already downloaded offline data, then re-download the newly packaged offline data again.

Also, ArcGIS Online should provide some guidance to the user when a feature service with Sync enabled and replicas in place is modified in a way that would require data to be repackaged and re-downloaded.

Suggest that domain changes be automatically handled by the Refresh Package workflow rather than requiring the offline map area to be re-created, and enhance ArcGIS Online user experience to make the user aware of what they have to do when this kind of change is made.