Refine editing options for relate table

10-21-2015 12:17 PM
Status: Open
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LOVE the ability to edit related table data using ArcGIS Online and Collector.  My suggestion... it would be nice to have a different add/edit/delete permissions for the feature class vs the relate table.

My example: We have our parcel map displayed in Collector with mobile users adding records for garbage and recycling carts at each property in a related table (one parcel, many carts).  We'd like the users to be able to edit parcel attribute data, but not modify the parcel geography (specifically, delete a parcel).  But, if we restrict editing to only attribute data, the user cannot add new records to the relate table.


Not the same scenario, but we would love to have this functionality. Restrict delete from the hosted feature layer, but still allow add and update (and query) similar to how a feature layer is set up through ArcGIS Server.


I am looking for this option also.

My use-case scenario is that I have a feature layer of dive sites with a related table for each dive transect at a site. There is another table related to the transect table for biological observations at each transect.

I do not want the user to be able to edit either the geometry or the attributes of the dive sites, only to add or edit records for each transect and for all the observations on a transect.


Hello all !!

Can anyone from ESRI comment on this ??  I see it was reviewed but did anything ever come of it ??

I am looking for the same functionality and wonder if this is possible ??

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you all.

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Same idea here.

I would really like the ability to remove add/delete capabilities on the feature class, but allow add/update to the related table in Collector. This way we can maintain the integrity of the feature class while still allowing new inspections to be created in the field.

Currently, if we want to utilize our feature access REST URL's for editing in AGOL, we have to allow ADD on the feature class in order to allow ADD on the related table. Really wish we could restrict this to only allow ADD on the related table.