Raster field type support in ArcGIS Online

06-26-2020 12:26 PM
Status: Open
Esri Regular Contributor
Dear all,

I am storing in PRO FGDB raster in field of type RASTER. This field type, it seems, is not supported on AGOL. Please could you consider add raster field type in AGOL?

It could help to work with raster stored directly in attribute table. For example, if you want to display raster in pop-up directly as an image, you must use URL instead of direct attribute which would be much straightforward.

Now when publish such layer with raster field type to AGOL hosted FS, seems for me, that ArcGIS Online is omitting this field in my case, unlike the BLOB data type. But with BLOB field type it´s not so easy to work.

Thank you in advance for considering it.