"Get Directions" link in ArcGIS Online pop-ups allowed for users without an ArcGIS Online account

09-19-2014 04:11 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Online, when you configure pop-ups for features, if you have permissions to run Network Analysis you will see a link for "Get Directions".


I would like to be able to push my map out to citizens in my County with the "Get Directions" link turned on.  Please allow this functionality.  It would be incredibly helpful and help me avoid sending users to Google maps.

If this is a licensing/cost issue- I would be more than willing to use my own network analysis service so that ESRI doesn't lose money.

Thanks for submitting this idea!

Currently, you can allow for users to use routing (ArcGIS Online or your own local service) using the following configurable apps: Directions, Local Perspective to allow your users to find a route to a spefic location.

Do these apps meet your needs? If not, can you share what tasks you would like your users to be able to perform in the web map or in a configurable app?


I currently find myself in a situation where my customers find the user interface of the ESRI applications unsatisfactory and confusing.  They simply will not use them as is and trying to modify them is a nightmare.  I developed a custom application exactly they way they originally wanted it but they just now requested a directions to link be added to the popups on the feature layers.  This is a public application to find the closest voting location.  It would save me a ton of custom coding if access to the routing in the popup was configurable in the api.