Query widget pop-up on/off configuration functionality

07-19-2016 11:07 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

The WAB Query widget does not allow the app administrator/DEVELOPER to disable the pop-up functionality within the WAB GUI configuration menu. Currently, the developer can control pop-up functionality from the map service or layer service; however, the Query widget creates a new temporary layer on-the-fly and adds it to the map, which cannot be controlled by the developer from these services. After the widget has run, the app USER can control whether the pop-up is enabled/disabled from the Layer List menu, but this is only after the widget is run and the setting resets every time the Query widget is run.

For a web app that's intended to be used by the general public, the actual app USER may not be so tech-saavy, and will probably not think to disable pop-ups to streamline their own user experience. Even if they did, they may not know where to go to achieve this. This responsibility needs to be controlled by the DEVELOPER to streamline the overall user experience prior to app deployment.

The overall concern is that the USER will run a query, click on a queried feature, see the duplicated pop-up (generated by the widget), and mistakenly think the app DEVELOPER is either intentionally/unintentionally duplicating features within the original feature layer (i.e., the layer that was queried). The USER likely won't realize that the duplicated pop-up is part of a new layer. (I have tried to encourage clients to configure the pop-up titles to add some explanation to differentiate the query layer pop-up from the original feature layer pop-up as a temporary workaround; however this still does not alleviate the awkward duplication of pop-ups.)

It would be great if there were a setting within the Query widget configuration menu that allows the app/AGO developer to disable pop-ups for any layers generated by the widget (and can be done in WAB, so there is no coding required).

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Just to add some more context to this issue, we currently have an app where one of the layers contains a slideshow in the popups of before/during/after images for a respective project. The query widget allows users to query this layer in several ways. Once the query is run, that slideshow is invoked in the original layer popup, query results and temporary query layer popup. Invoking the slideshow simultaneously in three different places causes the app to function improperly.

We can avoid errors in the app by configuring the query widget not to display the field containing the slideshows, however, when we do this the popup for the temp layer appears first which makes the user think there is no slideshow. Users cannot be expected to navigate from the first duplicated popup (with no slideshow) to the second duplicated popup (with a slideshow). If we could configure the query widget not to activate popups for the temp layer, our problems would be solved.