Query Widget: Name new layer after selection, not source layer

04-29-2019 03:10 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It's great that we can now rename results of the Query Widget because that suggestion was recently implemented. But when I create multiple layers it's burdensome to rename each one, when each selection can furnish the name. For example, if I select ONEOK pipelines in a pipeline layer, the result should contain the name ONEOK, no? Next if I select Andeavor pipelines, that second result layer should automatically be named Andeavor. It would be okay to append the results with the term Pipelines if that's the layer name. But I'd really like to have the choice to include or exclude the layer name itself. In other words, whatever value field we're selecting from should provide the result name.

The same use case applies to a layer of oil wells belonging to a particular pumper: name the result after the name I pick, and let me choose whether the source layer name should be included--and remember my last choice so I don't have to always choose this. The Query Widget has many possibilities and will be great when loaded with more common-sense functionality.