Put Contour Lines Back on Topography Basemap

06-29-2021 09:21 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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The updated topographic basemap on the map viewer does not include contour lines.  It only has a hillshade layer.  


Please include contour lines to the topographic map so that it is a true topographic map rather than just a terrain map.  The previous topographic basemap had this feature (see below).





It might not be in the basemap gallery you are using but you can switch your basemap to the contour version using this item 


by Anonymous User

Thank you!  I found out that the contours on the above item only show up in the new version of Map Viewer.  The following item shows contours in Map Viewer Classic:

World Topographic Map - Overview (arcgis.com)


by Anonymous User

Unfortunately as of July 2021, the map I found that still shows contours in Map Viewer Classic has been marked as deprecated.  Since the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder only runs maps through Map Viewer Classic, there is currently no option to show contour lines that will be visible in a web map app built through ArcGIS Web AppBuilder.