Publishing data from a Mobile Geodatabase to AGOL

10-22-2021 10:59 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Would like to be able to publish data from a mobile geodatabase to AGOL. Currently data in an SQLite database must be converted to a file or enterprise gdb feature class before sharing. Exporting data from AGOL to Pro and back into a Mobile Geodatabase is possible however.

Ideally we'd like to use a Mobile Geodatabase because they support SQL beyond the file geodatabase, but it is less suitable if we have to convert between database types when working with AGOL.


Would love to see more direct AGOL support for Mobile Geodatabases.  To publish from MGDB to AGOL, the only option is to convert to a different data format.  

To export from AGOL, you can add the hosted layer to a map in ArcGIS Pro, and if exporting is enabled on the service, right-click the layer from the Content pane > Data >Export features.

This approach should copy over geodatabase behaviour such as subtypes and domains. However, it does not copy over the relationship class and related table.

If you need to migrate relationship classes then I think the only option is to export the hosted layer to FGDB and then use the copy/paste method or other supported GP tool to migrate back to a mobile geodatabase.


It looks like this capability has been added in version 3.0. From What's new in ArcGIS Pro 3.0:

You can share data from a mobile geodatabase to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise portals.