Publishing Custom Line Types

01-19-2021 12:43 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

We have been waiting for this functionality for a long time. What is the reason we are not able to publish lines to ArcGIS Online cloud and keep the linetypes as assigned in ARCGIS Pro using custom annotation and shapes? We know it is possible in Enterprise but are not sure why this is limited for ArcGIS online users?

This works for point datasets but not for line datasets or polygons.

We hope we can get a lot of votes on this as i am sure it would make millions of users appreciate using ArcGIS online that much more. 


by Anonymous User

We would like to see this too! We spend a lot of time and energy optimizing line types in ArcGIS Pro only to have them not reflected in our hosted feature services.

by Anonymous User

Very cool idea! Looking forward to this.

by Anonymous User

This would be beneficial not only for us but for many other users that use these services. 


This will be a time saver and a great functionality if implemented for ArcGIS Pro and Online users.

by Anonymous User

This would definitely streamline our work that involves this type of publishing!