Publish hosted feature layers as WMS in ArcGIS Online

08-10-2020 04:45 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

Currently it is only possible to publish hosted feature layers to WFS in ArcGIS Online. Please add the option to publish to WMS as well. (or provide another way to share data via WMS using only ArcGIS Online)

I work for an organization who uses ArcGIS Online to share content with other organizations, using different formats. For sharing data to another organization for just viewing the data, the WMS-standard would fit better than WFS. We also work with organizations who use mainly open-source software and prefer/require WMS instead of WFS.


@TessaSmit very good idea! WMS has its limitations, but very useful as it is widely adopted. 


A Must  Have if you want to use only ArcGIS Online as your Enterprise GIS for in Europe


A necessity for the use of ArcGIS Online for the public administrations in Germany. Without this, using only ArcGIS Online to share data with the public is not possible (due to legal obligations).