Provide Password expiry reminder by email

09-22-2017 08:12 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Currently users of ArcGIS online, including those that use automated processes via the API are suddenly kicked out because their password has expired. Like all good systems ArcGIS Pro should be able to provide a warning by email that the users' password will expire in x number of days. This functionality doesn't currently exist and not only causes problems for our analysts but is especially destructive to our automated processes which suddenly fail as we have not had any warning of password expiry.

Please add this sensible functionality 

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I'm surprised no one else has up-voted this. It is extremely frustrating for our field app users to have the passwords we (admin) have created for them suddenly expire in the middle of a project without warning. And I have no way to review the password reset schedule as an admin so that I could at least review upcoming resets before a project.

Please add this simple functionality, ESRI!

PS: I'm glad to see that the ability to turn off password expiration, as requested here, has been added. But this will likely not be ideal for organizations that require a high degree of security.