Provide IP Range for

09-25-2012 03:28 AM
Status: Open
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Can you please disclose the IP range for the address?
In some scenarios, like ours, a server may need to invoke services from that address, for example in a Geoprocessing task, and we need to create a special route from the server to the services URL. Since the IP from time to time changes, this makes it difficult to manage.
Agreed, this information would be useful if we have to make a direct internet connection to your services as we are using a 3rd party integration and may not be able to use our Proxy server (which could work off of url). Direct Connection is a hole poked through firewall and will only work with IP addresses (usually a range of addresses).
If you (ESRI) are moving more of your products to the cloud, it would be nice to provide a site like Office 365 does,
My company has a service that polls any changes and applies the new ranges automatically.  This saves on aggravation to the end user and the company security personnel.