Provide Control over text size in map notes

10-26-2020 08:26 AM
Status: Implemented
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Please give the creator/editor better control over text size on map notes!!!

We are community planners working with small communities and urban neighborhoods on strategies for economic revitalization.  We do a lot of map note work, annotating various areas on an existing map, for example, highlighting big neighborhood sub-areas, box stores, commercial strips, various zones along a street, key institutions and amenities relevant to a discussion, etc.  We are very frustrated with labeling these areas, as the only control we have over label size is a scroll function that is only as good as the steadiness of the mapper's hand and eye. It is nearly impossible to size them equally.  When you produce a map with fifteen labels and they are all slightly different sizes, it is not at all professional looking. What we need is a function where we can highlight the text, then designate its size.  And/or highlight a group of labels and size them all the same.

We are an AGOL-only two-person shop, and love it because it is user-friendly -- we use it as a tool for communication and analysis with non-technical clients -- and affordable.  But we need to look good too! Anything you can do to improve this functionality would be appreciated!


Update:  We discovered last night that when we publish a map notes layer as a feature class, we have a lot more control over labels. This also gives us the ability to record and save a wider range of data associated with the map notes item.  So the scroll mechanism is only for the unpublished map notes on a particular map.  I think we'll be publishing our map notes layers more often in the future.

by Anonymous User

Hi @Kirby_MDate - this has been implemented with sketch layers in the new Map Viewer. Here are some resources on the update:

Please let us know if you have any feedback on this updated feature.