Provide a warning about dependent items when deleting an ArcGIS Online feature service

03-18-2013 08:32 PM
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Before you Delete a Feature Service, a warning box should pop up with a list of dependent Web Maps, so that you don't inadvertently delete something that's being used; or so that you can systematically delete those Web Maps as well. [As we create more and more maps, it's get harder and harder to keep track of what's dependent on what]. 

This is related to jesterjace's Idea, "Processing ArcGIS Online Service Updates More Effectively" (the ArcGIS Online proposal).

Our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (Pro) & Portal will show you item dependencies in this fashion. It does not warn you but at least you could go look at the item before deleting it and see its dependencies as well as what is dependent upon it. You can even print out the hierarchy so that you can reference it later. Here is a video that gives you a very quick run down -

Here is a link to the ArcGIS Marketplace - - See more at:

More then a warning.  It would be great to simply see the dependencies listed in the item details page.  For example, I have an Operations Dashboard that is not working for some users.  The issue is that the web map isn't shared correctly...but what web map? What services?  Seeing all of these dependencies listed on the item details page would be an immense help.

The GeoJobe tools are great for this and for administering services and their dependencies, but having at least Dashboard and App dependencies listed would be a huge benefit.


This would be very useful, but would the search for all dependencies potentially take a long time if your AGOL portal has a large number of items for this potential tool to search through?


Hi Michael,

ArcGIS Online and Portal return item dependency queries about as fast as general item searches. If your organization has a lot of content, it will take more time. But my experience has been that item dependency queries take seconds, instead of minutes for large organizations.

Our View Item Dependencies tool works anytime you are selecting items in one of our tasks. As you're looking for items to delete, you can View the Item Dependencies way before you select them. You don't have to wait until the confirmation page to get the results.

For more information on the View Item Dependencies, check out this YouTube video


This is sorely needed


Hi John, 

The Pro and Portal versions of Admin Tools for ArcGIS provides "View Item Dependencies" functionality, which allows you to see (and document) what items are being consumed by your Web Maps and Apps, as well as where else these are items are being consumed.

  • If you need the Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, check it out, HERE.
  • Need Admin Tools for Portal on premise? Check it out our product page, HERE.

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Hey Blake,

Are dependencies listed only for items in your own organization or would I be able to see if one of my public hosted feature layers was used in another organization's web maps/apps?




Hi Finnian, 

The View Item Dependencies feature works by searching the Organization using Admin Tools Pro for instances of that same service also being consumed across all your items (this is why it may take a few moments to yield results, depending on the volume of content in the org). There is no "external" way to scrape other organizations for the same, as Admin Tools only works to manage and view content within the organization using it. 

However, if any other Organizations are using Admin Tools Pro, you could coordinate with one of their administrators to get you their results, as it's possible to export the view item dependencies results to CSV or even print out a hard copy, as shown in this video demonstrating the View Item Dependencies in action.

I hope this helps!


Yes, this would be SO helpful! This is incredibly relevant to administrators who have to be very conscious of credit usage. I periodically go through our organization to determine if there are any feature services that aren't being used so we don't have to use credits to store them, but it is a very cumbersome and time-intensive process.

As for the GeoJobe tool, it looks like it has a lot of great functionalities, but I don't see any way I can convince my organization to pay for the ArcGIS Admin Pro license, which is what you need to access the "view dependencies" feature. I'm sure I am not the only GIS professional who runs into budgetary concerns and pressures from project managers....

I really hope we can see this implemented in a future version of ArcGIS Online.  


Hello Katherine, 

I do understand that there can be difficulties justifying covering the cost of software based on one limited feature. 

I would encourage you to look over our recorded demonstration of Admin Tools Pro and Clean My Org, and see if understanding the time and resources saved between these two products when used effectively could easily pay for itself. 

Also, it should be noted that for Admin Tools Pro (where you would be able to access item dependencies) does currently offer TWO price points: $500 a year or $99 for a single month of access. We feel this price point is very aggressive and easily justifiable to most Organizational Managers when the full scope of the what the tools are capable of are showcased. 

If you need further assistance please free to reach out to me at