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Property Notification widget - allow buffer from imported file

04-06-2018 12:08 PM
Status: Open
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It would be very useful when a file is imported to a webmap that the Property Notification widget would buffer from that feature.  For example, if I upload a Bike Race Route to my webmap I could potentially run the Property Notification widget off this feature to generate mailing labels. 

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I ran into a problem that this could solve as well. 

Problem: ArcGIS Web Maps have an internal selection buffer depending on your zoom level. (This is great when you're looking to grab pop-up info on a specific feature that is in a cluster, or appears clustered because of zoom level). When my city is trying to create a mailing label document to alert residents of a water main shut off that effect precisely 100 residents, I do not appreciate this baked in buffer that results in 120 - 200 mailing labels. These 20 or 100 extra mailings are not only wasteful, but is also alerting the wrong people about something that has nothing to do with them. 

The current solution was to have my user zoom in, almost to zoom level 19 or 20 depending on the parcel size, and then shift click the center of the parcel point one at a time. Some times he would have to adjust the zoom level for small parcels, and then ensure making the selection in the dead center of the geometry. 

This defeats the functionality of line and polygon selection methods as well, since you cant ensure you're not passing too close to a parcel you don't want added (even if you don't physically enter within its geometry boundaries).

Long story short: Allowing the user to import a .csv or even a zipped shapefile from the desktop would go miles towards this. Relate the imported items via a key field, and generate the selection.