Possibility to modify default text in subject of invitation-email

07-30-2012 06:29 AM
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The default text in the subject of the e-mail, what automatically is send by inviting users to join the Organization, could easily be judged as spam by users who are not familiar with Esri or ArcGIS Online.

I like to be in full control of the content of the messages that we as a organization sending.


Is this something that can be reevaluated for ArcGIS Online? There is still no option to change the default text in the invitation emails. 

arcgis-online‌ portal for arcgis 10.6.1‌


Any updates on this? It's surprising that this is not an option yet!


Exactly what I'm looking for as Administrator when I invite additional users to my organisation, what is a two times per week job. 

I wonder that this email text can not be edited but the default settings for user role and licenses can be edited definitely

I discused this with ESRI support allready... but is still an missing issue until now...2021... unfortunately.

Workaround is still an txt file with the passus prepared for copied in ...




I agree, we have the same needs as many other people who admin large orgs. Would love to make this an option to insert our specific text and org-wide links to documentation.


Mike Appel


Possibility to modify default text in subject of invitation-email


Our organisation have the same request. Please consider making this an option to have organisation default email text and links to documentation. 

Many thanks,

Emily Brown


We are running into the same issue in our Enterprise deployment.  The default text states "Use your username and password when you sign in." But our organization is using single sign-on so our users should NOT enter their username and password but instead use the sign-on button.  Each time a new user is invited, this text needs to manually be corrected.  It would be much easier if the default text could be changed by the administrator in the settings.