Possibility to modify default text in subject of invitation-email

07-30-2012 06:29 AM
Status: Open
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The default text in the subject of the e-mail, what automatically is send by inviting users to join the Organization, could easily be judged as spam by users who are not familiar with Esri or ArcGIS Online.

I like to be in full control of the content of the messages that we as a organization sending.


Is this something that can be reevaluated for ArcGIS Online? There is still no option to change the default text in the invitation emails. 

arcgis-online‌ portal for arcgis 10.6.1‌


Any updates on this? It's surprising that this is not an option yet!


Exactly what I'm looking for as Administrator when I invite additional users to my organisation, what is a two times per week job. 

I wonder that this email text can not be edited but the default settings for user role and licenses can be edited definitely

I discused this with ESRI support allready... but is still an missing issue until now...2021... unfortunately.

Workaround is still an txt file with the passus prepared for copied in ...




I agree, we have the same needs as many other people who admin large orgs. Would love to make this an option to insert our specific text and org-wide links to documentation.


Mike Appel


Possibility to modify default text in subject of invitation-email


Our organisation have the same request. Please consider making this an option to have organisation default email text and links to documentation. 

Many thanks,

Emily Brown