Popup Chart Labels

12-01-2020 07:30 AM
Status: Open
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It is highly desirable to have the supported capability to configure the hover label of a chart's bars, a pie's slices, and a line graph's plotted points in the popups. The use case is that not all of the data we work with use attribute names in a way that would make them an appropriate label. Instead, there is often an attribute named 'Label', and the attribute value is what the user needs to see when hovering over a chart bar, slice, or plotted point.

Specific example: When configuring the My Tax Distribution application, where a table contains records for every parcel, and every record has a set of attributes designed to hold one set of information.


  • Parcel Number or Name
  • Tax District Name 1
  • Tax District Amount 1
  • Tax District Name 2
  • Tax District Amount 2

The values in the 'Tax District Name 1' will not be identical, and the same is true for the other Tax District Name attributes. Presently, when hovering over a chart bar, pie slice, or plot point, the hover label displays the attribute name, and does not provide complete or the most insightful information about the data or the data value being hovered over.

This will be very important for us to take advantage of Map Viewer Beta Chart authoring. Happy to provide more details if needed. Thank you! 🙂

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