Pop-ups should support scripting (form builder)

10-18-2013 03:59 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
Currently, Web map pop-ups can be configured to display text, aliases, and fields of a user's choice, as well as links and pictures.  This is an easy way to control the user experience of getting information for a feature, or entering attributes when editing.

It would be very powerful if editing pop-ups could support scripting so that more complex attribute validation could be performed (conditional validation, calculations, automatic entry).  Editing pop-ups could be created in the Web map, then mobile clients that consume a Web map would have a consistent editing experience.

Please give us a place to extend the existing data collection framework that takes into account that not all data validation can be built into the database, and that if the out-of-box applications don't do what is needed (Collector, Viewers, etc) we don't want to have to always build a native application from scratch!  An extendable attribute editing framework would go a long way toward a cross-platform editing experience that fills the gap between entry-level GIS and custom development.