Pop-ups Design Settings

10-18-2016 03:14 AM
Status: Open
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Would it be so difficult to introduce pop-ups design settings in Web Map or Web AppBuilder? It would be great to have at least pop-up size and color controls. A lot of our customers ask if it is possible to match pop-up design to their organizational design without programming.


I would like to be able to set the size of pop-ups in the AGOL web map. I am using an embedded AGOL web map in a web page zoomed to a feature (which opens the pop-up) but half of the pop up is off the map. I need to be able to make it smaller.

by Anonymous User

I agree, and it seems that other ideas also discussed adding media/attachments/ or embeds in a simple way to pop-ups was asked a long time ago and not mentioned again. I'm rather new to ESRI and already I see that this idea board is losing steam, perhaps due to the lack of attention it gets from the programmers?

by Anonymous User

Allowing programmers to set it with various appearance would be great. I would suggest as well that the attribute data be able to influence the popup's appearance (the DOM, HTML and CSS). i.e. a tree makes the popup green, a fire station makes the background red, police station, blue, etc etc. Could influence size or other controls and behavior, too.