Please update Esri basemaps with NZ lakes at smaller scales

12-02-2018 01:55 PM
Status: Open
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Hi there,

Lake Taupo is one of New Zealand's most prominent geographical features, and currently in the Esri basemaps it disappears at 1:3,301,061 which looks a bit weird. This is also the case for other large lakes in New Zealand.

E.g. 1:2,112,679:


Could you please re-cache the basemaps so these lakes are shown at scales smaller than 1:3,301,061.




I wish there was more insight into how updates to the basemap for the entire Earth are handled. Would be nice to submit request to review features shown in the base map. 

by Anonymous User

Hi Marc,

I know this doesn't remove the issue, but you could always use the NZ Basemaps provided in ArcGIS Online.For example: NZ Community Basemap.

Also, if you allow me to build on top of your existent case - ideally visibility of layers such as lakes should be configurable in the Vector Tile editor.

Unfortunately, it seems like they've blocked the layer out so that we cannot configure it to be visible pas the range of 7...

Hopefully the team working on the Topo basemap at Esri will provide a solution at some stage