Persist Hide/Show Columns choices in layer item Data view

04-06-2022 01:23 PM
Status: Open
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When reviewing and configuring a feature layer data item, for some reason, not all fields in Data view are set as visible.  And as a table gets modified which fields are visible by "default" is not consistent. Please add the following three cabilities:

1. When setting column visibility in Data view, make those changes persistent.  As is is now, if I go to Visualization view briefly and then come back I have to reset as visible those fields which are again now hidden.  Every time. It wastes time.

2. Add an option in the Fields view so that the visibility of each field in Data view can be set explicitly.

3. Any time an attribute table is modified (even if by Pro) the default setting for visibility for a field should be "on."  Where I experienced this issue was when I added three fields via the NEAR tool in Pro.  For those fields I need to make those three fields visible every time I try to view the table in Data view.  But for a field I added later in ArcGIS Online, that field IS visible by default in Data view. 

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That would be very helpful if realized.